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Floatplanes Faster Than Landplanes
About us:

My name is Amber Young. Personally I love all forms of art; sculpture, traditional fine art, graphic design and conceptual art. I have always enjoyed building model kits and collecting books of sketches and making-of processes. These kind of books are invaluable to a creative mind and while the electronic format is well suited to quick reference, you cannot beat sitting down with a cuppa and a beautiful book on you lap. No glare from a screen, no limit from battery life, no having a nightmare trying to get back to a specific image - its all right there as immediate reference while painting on those numeric decals.
Professionally, I function as a member of AMG (Animatic Media I have been working as a provider of art related services for web and print for the last 4 years at AMG, previously as AnimaticALY and part of the Crump Animation team. I work both independently and in collaboration with other illustrators, designers and layout artists. Together, to date, we have put together a dozen applications for smartphones and websites for products, information and services, and have provided content on genres covering naval and automotive history to way-finding and prehistoric sites.

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